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Thursday, December 17, 2015

2nd graders explore Google Docs while writting what they are OK at

After my 2nd graders read The OK Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal for the Global Read Aloud Project.  We loved The OK Book so much we decided to tie poetry into it.  Students talked about words that describe being better at than OK at something.  We made a list of these words.  Students then created poem listing activities they were OK at and then activities they were better than OK at.  Here is what are word list looked like.


Students then created a poem with 10 sentences using these words.  They then typed these in Google Docs.  Students learned about changing font sizes and colors.  They also learned how to spell check and center words.  

Here are a few of their poems.  We will be adding pictures to these after our Christmas break.

Words That Describe Better than OK

                      by Maureen Carpenter


I’m an OK dancer.
I’m a super star gymnast.
I’m an OK ice skater.
I’m fabulous at arts and crafts.
I’m an OK reader.
I’m a super star at roller skating.
I’m an OK runner.
I’m a great writer.
I’m an OK waiter.
I’m a brillant pottery maker.

Words that Describe Better than OK
by Audrey Mendralski

I’m an OK waiter.
 I’m a number 1 ice skater.
                                          I’m an OK somersaulter.
                                        I’m an outstanding dancer.
                                              I’m an OK sleeper.
                                            I’m an epic swimmer.
                                             I’m an OK swinger.
                                            I’m an  perfect singer.
                                              I’m an OK hiker.
                                           I’m a fantastic friend.

Here are what the final projects look like. They are so cute. Next year I will do them earlier in the year so I can learn more about my students sooner.


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