"A Swisstastic Journey of Me and My Students"

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Finding our S.O.L.E......the 1st one of the year! Does the Curse of Bodie really exists?

So I introduced our first S.O.L.E. (Self Organized Learning Environment) to our 6th graders this past week.  The only expectations for these quick research projects are the following:

1.)  No more than 4 in a group
2.)  If someone asks to join your group and you don't already have 4 members then you must let them join
3.)  You can't work alone
5.)  Listen to everyone
6.)  Support your opinion with RESEARCH
7.)  You must CITE your pictures

I wanted to tie our first S.O.L.E. our upcoming Fall Parade or in a former time called Halloween celebration.  I recently read a great nonfiction book called BODIE:  The Town that Belongs to Ghosts by Kevin Blake.


So I introduced this book to the kids by reading the first chapter.  We then viewed some images from the deserted town of Bodie.  I then shared the Google Slideshow below with them that presents the question to them.  

I was blown away by some of the presentations.  REMEMBER I don't give any guidance on to what type of project they have to share other than it can't be longer than 5 minutes and they must cite pictures if they use them.  Here are some of the early projects.

Finding our S.O.L.E. (Self Organized Learning Environment) with 6th graders

So my 6th graders spend several week exploring Copyright rules.  We did many blending learning activities where we watched videos and read articles on copyright and then reflected on our learning.  Students seem to be understanding more and more each year why copyright is important but that still doesn't mean they are following all the rules.  Here is an article I share with my 6th graders and then they must reflect on Schoology (their online course) if they agreed or disagreed with the court decision.  We will then take these lessons and apply them to our S.O.L.E. unit.  

PSA:  Don't let Salami and Google Images Get You Into Hot Water

                                               photo of salami

By reading this they get to see how things that seem simple to us can be a big deal to others so we must always CITE our sources.  I then move on to teach them how to do a search within  Google Drive where they can use the Research Tool limit their search to free images.  

Here is the video I posted on Schoology on how to do an Advanced Google Search in order to limit their images to free for public use.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week #3 of the Global Read Aloud in the Media Center.... It's Not Fair!

Last week we read It's Not Fair by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and my 2nd graders had a choice to reach out through Padlet or Twitter.  We are collaborating with another school through both these tools.  Here are my students responses to something that they feel isn't fair.

Before Tweeting we discuss the expectations of tweeting.  Students must use my Media Center account and I tell them they should not have their own Twitter account.  The expectations we discuss are as follows:

borrowed from @mrswideen

Students must use this form and then get their Tweet approved by me before being allowed to Tweet!

Here are some of the Tweets we sent out:  

@mrsgarnersclass It's not fair that my brother gets to stay up later.Maureen #GRAAmy

I am still "muddling" through guiding my classes to watch for Tweets in response to their Tweets. This is where I still need practice! The LEARNING IS MESSY!

Next week we will be moving on to our next GRA book, Exclamation Mark!  This book is so much fun to read out loud.  Hoping we can find someone in our time zone to Skype with to discuss this book.  

Our Global Read Aloud Adventure made the local newspaper.  Take a look.