"A Swisstastic Journey of Me and My Students"

Friday, March 13, 2015

Fifth Graders Continue Creating Book Trailers

Since my 5th graders became so fluent with Animoto during our Tech Infused Projects and they expressed an interest in their project reflection to continue using Animoto I decided to let them continue on the Video Making journey.  They partnered up and choose a picture book, which they will create a book trailer.  The steps looked like this:

1.)  They choose their picture book and read it with their partner.

2.)  They had to complete a storyboard for their chosen book and get it approved.
Here is a link to the storyboard sheet.

3.)  They had to share a Google Doc where they keep track of their citations.
Here is the checklist they must view before sharing.
How to cite sources.
Free image sites.
Here is an example I show them.  There are many on the internet.

4.)  They use their Animoto accounts to build their Book Trailers.  Here are a few examples.
**The groups that finish early got the option of choosing another picture book or a chapter book to create a trailer on.

Claire Z. shares There was an Old Lady who Swallowed Some Books
Emma S./Emma R. and How Spider Saved Valentine's Day
Emma S./Emma R. shares Dork Diaries 8
Marli shares Stellaluna
Maggie C. shares Into the Wild
Annkia N. and Audrey share First Dog
Neveah and Kiley C. share Odd Velvet
Ashley E. and Sarah M. share Froggy Goes to Hawaii
Emily K. and Liz M. shares The Cinder-eyed Cat
Katie D.and Kennedy A. shares Katie Woo
Brayden D. shares Enemy Pie
Sophie K. shared Dork Diaries:  A Tale from a Not so Glamorous Life
Alec C. shared Clam I Am
Alex J. and Nicholas M. share Paulie Pastrami
Annika N. shares Into the Wild
Jenna W. shares 100 Day Worries
Emma S. shares Dork Diary 4
Hannah H. shares I'm Not Gonna Get Up Today
Will and Luke share I Will Surprise My Friend
Ruby W, shares Makeup Mess
Chloe O. shares Leo the Lightning Bug
Ellie L. and Joseph G. share Moosetache
Kathryn G. shares Seaweed Soup
Austin V. shares Samantha
Logan K. shares the B. Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone
Emily D. and Jessy S. share Little Red Riding Duck
Layla C. shares Lucy and the Bully
Claire and Eliana share Hypnotists

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Preschool and Kindergarten ....reflect on the snow through BLIZZARD by John Rocco

On Monday, February 6, 1978, New England experienced one of the biggest snowstorms in its history. It snowed for two days, and by the time is stopped, parts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut were buried under forty inches of snow. Where I grew up in Rhode Island, it took over a week for snowplows to get to our street.
The book, BLIZZARD, is based on my experience as a ten-year-old boy in that blizzard and how I got to the store, over a mile from my house, with tennis rackets tied to my feet.

Back in the Swing of Things!!!

February has been a very busy month...with me conducting tech inventory (which causes me to be out of my teaching position for a few days) and our spring book fair (which causes me to not be able to have regular classes for a week) and throw in a week long snow break it is easy to see why we have fallen a bit behind schedule. REST assure we are back in the swing of things!  We have begun many projects that will take us up to spring break to complete.  Here is a snippet of what has been happening in the Media Center during this past month.  Enjoy!  

Justice enjoying previewing the books and making his wish list.

Teacher Wishlist...parents can purchase items and donate to classrooms

Under the Sea READING Adventure

Lots of volunteers make this possible!

Daily Book Talks....Catch of the Day

Shreeya reads a Mo Willems book

These are the raffle winners.  They entered their names in to win a preview book.

Mya won our "Guess How Many Goldfish are in the Bowl" contest.  Her prize was the goldfish and any book from the fair.

This was our welcoming bulletin..

Isaac won our Cincinnati Zoo tickets for reading the most minutes for grades PK-2.  He read 410 minutes in three days.  There was another student, Sean, who read 500 but he gave the passes to Isaac because he already had Zoo passes.  Such a good deed!

Emma won our Newport Aquarium tickets for being top reader for grades 3-6.   She read 1,205 minutes in three days.   CONGRATULATIONS!!!