"A Swisstastic Journey of Me and My Students"

Thursday, May 5, 2016

First Grade Makerspaces

My first graders have been introduced to Makerspace centers for the remainder of the year.  Here are some pics from the types of projects they are creating.  It is amazing what type of projects you will get when give them the materials and allow them the freedom to play or I mean build.  Whatever you call it it is so exciting to watch them use their creativity to create wondeful "stuff".  SHHH...don't tell them because they don't even know they are learning.

So we had a new 3D Dinosaur puzzle this year.  It was not an easy task to master but each day a few first graders would select it for their Makerspace Center, they would leave whatever they completed together, and then the dinosaur would sit and wait on the next group to work on it.  Thursday, Cinco de Mayo day, marks the day that it is complete.  Take a look.  The students were so proud!

Summit ELO walk in the life of a college student for one day


     On Friday, April 29th, the ELO (Extended Learning Opportunities) 5 and 6th graders from Summit and a group of Maddux students attended the annual BookFest at Northern Kentucky University.  In order to be eligible to attend this event students from Summit had to read six books from a required reading lists and Maddux students had to read three requried books and enter at least one event contest.  Students were given choice in their learning for the day as they were permitted to sign up for various sessions throughout the day that included enrichment activities from the books.  

     Students started the day by listening to a flourshing author, Michele Houts, and learning how a book becomes published.  Students then attended their chosen sessions, which included many different oppounitites.  Including chalk drawing, tours of the university, writing activities, Planterium adventures, and Makerspace activities.  All sessions were led by university staff, local librarians, or future leaders in the education world.  Students had so much fun living the life in the day of a college student.  
      Maddux students were requird to enter one contest in order to attend the event.  They not only entered but students walked away with the following awards:

Interview & Creative Writing, 2nd place- Emma Bobst & Ellen Scott

Movie Trailer award, 1st place- Ellie Baxter, Serra Lindsey, Stella Scheidler
     Thanks to Tonya Swisshelm (Summit Media Specialist), Meredith Lindsey (Maddux Media Specialist), and Tiffany NeCamp (ELO teacher) for leading the way for this trip.  Also, all the chaperones for the day from both schools. 

Here is an album of pics from the day.  We had lots of fun.