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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Finding our S.O.L.E. (Self Organized Learning Environment) with 6th graders

So my 6th graders spend several week exploring Copyright rules.  We did many blending learning activities where we watched videos and read articles on copyright and then reflected on our learning.  Students seem to be understanding more and more each year why copyright is important but that still doesn't mean they are following all the rules.  Here is an article I share with my 6th graders and then they must reflect on Schoology (their online course) if they agreed or disagreed with the court decision.  We will then take these lessons and apply them to our S.O.L.E. unit.  

PSA:  Don't let Salami and Google Images Get You Into Hot Water

                                               photo of salami

By reading this they get to see how things that seem simple to us can be a big deal to others so we must always CITE our sources.  I then move on to teach them how to do a search within  Google Drive where they can use the Research Tool limit their search to free images.  

Here is the video I posted on Schoology on how to do an Advanced Google Search in order to limit their images to free for public use.

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