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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Finding our S.O.L.E......the 1st one of the year! Does the Curse of Bodie really exists?

So I introduced our first S.O.L.E. (Self Organized Learning Environment) to our 6th graders this past week.  The only expectations for these quick research projects are the following:

1.)  No more than 4 in a group
2.)  If someone asks to join your group and you don't already have 4 members then you must let them join
3.)  You can't work alone
5.)  Listen to everyone
6.)  Support your opinion with RESEARCH
7.)  You must CITE your pictures

I wanted to tie our first S.O.L.E. our upcoming Fall Parade or in a former time called Halloween celebration.  I recently read a great nonfiction book called BODIE:  The Town that Belongs to Ghosts by Kevin Blake.


So I introduced this book to the kids by reading the first chapter.  We then viewed some images from the deserted town of Bodie.  I then shared the Google Slideshow below with them that presents the question to them.  

I was blown away by some of the presentations.  REMEMBER I don't give any guidance on to what type of project they have to share other than it can't be longer than 5 minutes and they must cite pictures if they use them.  Here are some of the early projects.

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