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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fourth Graders using Popplet to create Biographies

My fourth graders have been researching a person of choice (I helped them by pulling picture book biographies) and gathering facts via Google Docs. They will then use Popplet to create a visual map of their facts.  Here is their planning sheet.  I also take this opportunity to discuss citation and we start with this citation video.  The students take a look at this bibliography sheet so they know what that should look like.  

Here is the checklist that they must check before they share their completed Popplet with me.

Step #1
4th grader partnered up and read their chosen picture book biography on their person.  In the video some were already researching websites gathering their facts on a shared Google Doc.
The hard part of RESEARCHING is over.  All that is left is to copy and paste answers from here to their Popplet and let their creative juices start flowing.

Here is what the checklist looked like once completed by the students.  

Zach's completed Research Google Doc

Examples of student Biographies

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