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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My 6th grade Geniuses...The Struggle to do Work that Matters

Our 6th graders are still working on building their Genius Hour projects.  They will be sharing these after spring break.  Many of them struggle with these projects because it is a very ORGANIC process and they are so used to being told what, when, where, and how.  For these projects they can choose any topic that they want to explore, research it, and create something to teach us about it.  I have many who are searching for EXPERTS to SKYPE with for part of their projects.  I have created lessons on SKYPE FOR EDUCATION and they have posted their requests on their online course, Schoology, asking their classmates for connections.  If you could be of help at all please contact me.  There is nothing like bringing EXPERTS into the classroom.  Here are a few
of our requests:

1.)  Oncologist pediatrician

2.)  Hip-Hop Dancer

3.)  Pediatrician

Another plug for allowing students to work on their PASSION!  
"That is the way to learn the most, that when you are doing something with such enjoyment that you don’t notice that the time passes. "-Albert Einstein in a letter to his son

The Struggle to do Work that Matters

A 11 year boy follows his passion of helping kids learn handwriting.

Our Geniuses are starting to spark our interest....here are some of their projects.
Madison shares her passion to become a veterinarian so she can help improve the lives of animals.
Her passion showed through during her presentation.  Some of her classmates responded that she made them feel guilty for not doing more to help animal shelters.

Grace become a MOVIE DIRECTOR

Anna wants to be a WRITER

Kendall shares her passion for wolves

Lydia shares her love for photography/cameras

Tate makes a ROCKET and shares his process....the flight was unsuccessful but he is going back to the drawing board and making the needed corrections.

Latavia's Passion for Pediatric Oncology

Abby E. passion for the way filters affect photography

Rachel F. shares her passion for SAVING THE FOREST through a PowToon
PowToon logo - Make free animated videos and presentations online

We had several students who are interested in pediatric oncology so we were lucky to have a Emergency Room Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Mrs. Lingren a parent of a 6th grader, visit with us to discuss her profession.  This was a Q/A session led by Kaitlyn Jackson for her Genius Hour.

Casey shares his Maker Taker passion of building.  He built a candy machine, a car, and a sling shot out of LEGOs.  He hopes to one day have a career in Engineering or building.  


Elliot shares his passion for trying to make it to the MLS one day.

Hart shares his Passion of "What if he makes it to the Pro Soccer League?"

Luke M. shares his dream of designing video game characters.  Take a look at his drawings.

Zach builds a LEGO car to kick-off his career in Engineering!

Chris builds a solar power ROBOT and shows us how it works.

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