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Monday, January 23, 2017

Sixth Mazes coming along!

Image result for hexbug  Image result for sphero

So as part of the Hour of Code our 6th graders created mazes.  The challenge here is to:

1.)  Work in a group to design a maze in Google Drawing
2.)  Build that maze out of cardboard and craft sticks
3.)  Time a hexbug through your maze
4.)  Time a sphero that you are driving through your maze
5.)  Code the sphero to make it through your maze

6.)  Throughout the project we will record times of the hexbugs and spheros so our maze buddies at our partner school, Wilson, can compare their results.  

This project takes a long time when I only see the kids once a week so it will be interesting to reflect on it and see if the amount of time was worthwhile compared to the benefits of the project.  So far kids have been very engaged and excited about their work.

Here is a video of the kids performing trial runs on their mazes.  Listen to the problem solving discussion they are having while they are building.  This is they type of discussion teachers love to hear.  They are learning and having fun at the same time.  

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