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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Week 6 in the Media Center.....Embarking on our Digital Citizenship Journey

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We have started our targeted Digital Citizenship journey with 4-6 grades in the Media Center.  I use the word targeted because digital citizenship is a work in progress constantly in every classroom at Summit but we do focus on it at the start of the year heavily.  This will set up "hopefully" a great background for making good decisions on our digital tools.  Here is a glimpse into what we are doing:

6th grade

We started by doing a collaborative activity where students had to pretend they were not able to see each other face to face and plan out how they would complete an assigned activity using digital tools.  This was difficult for them.  They missed many steps such as assigning tasks, making sure everyone has access to the Google Doc, setting up deadlines, etc.  

This week students discussed what their digital footprint is.  Here is a copy of our Google Classroom assignment.
Students watched a video from Commonsense Media on Digital Footprint.  Then they were asked to comment on what it meant to them.
Maybe people need to be more honest, and only tell the truth.

People can help their digital footprint by not posting inappropriate stuff

One way you could improve your digital footprint is to stay on the sites that you are supposed to stay on,or just whatever your teacher tells you to stay on.

You could refrain from posting hurtful things on social media

By keeping on task

People coukd imorove there digitale footprint by not being rude to other people online and also if you have something rude to say just ignore that person or block them if you can.

You could stay on the sights you are supposed to be on

do not post things that are inappropriate stuff and stay on stuff your supposed to stay on

people can help their footprint by being honest and not posting inappropriate stuff. and don't bully people

One way is that you should be honest

Not posting inaproprate stuff

keeping on task

One thing is that you can think before you post or do anything.

think before you post

People can help their digital footprint by staying on task.

Hold back from posting and searching inapropriate things.

stay on clean sites

be nice to others and don't post inappropriate things

stary on clean sites

I think people should stay on what they are supposed to be on and don't tell ANYONE any personal information.

Add class comment…
5th grade

We are continuing our digital citizenship lessons into fifth grade also.  They were introduced to Digital Compass, a website that allows them to earn badges  as they complete various digital citizenship lessons.  They love the website and are extremely engaged.  We will not devote all our time in class to this each week but they are encouraged to work on it at home. 

4th grade
Digital Passport is the tool/site we are using to help our fourth graders become better digital citizens.  They absolutely love it!  I have class lists for each of my three classes hanging up and will mark off when when each child has completed various stages of the game.  We started with privacy and security and are moving on to Digital Footprint/Reputation.  Again, they are encouraged to work on this at home -we will not complete all these in class.  
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