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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Global Read Aloud...our second year rocking this great adventure!

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It's October.....

and with that brings many exciting things in the Summit Media Center.

First and Second Graders are participating in the GRA...

Better known as Global Read Aloud

This is what our FIRST GRADE journey looks like so far:

STEP 1:  1st graders viewed Google Maps to see how many schools/people are participating in the Global Read Aloud.  We then talked about how 900,000 people are participating in this amazing experience.  We brainstormed what the word GLOBAL means....

STEP 2:  We viewed a photo of Lauren Castillo, this year's GRA author/illustrator.  
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Step 3:   We then read the book Nana in the City and brainstormed answers to the question "If I had a cape to make me brave, I could face _________________" and we posted our responses to a padlet.  This padlet was shared with a school in Burlington, MA.  

Made with Padlet

Second Grade 
Our second graders are also partipicating in Global Read Aloud.  We got a later start than our first grade friends but we have jumped in with both feet.  

Step 1:  We discussed the notion of what GRA involves, very similar to the discussion that 1st grade had last week.

Step 2:  I shared the background of why Lauren wrote this book, which I gained from her blog.

Step 3:  I showed the video of the sneaky raccoon on her blog.  IF YOU USE THIS WITH KIDDOS MUTE THE VOLUME AS THERE ARE A FEW CHOICE WORDS AT THE END OF THE VIDEO.  The kids thought this video was so funny.

Step 4:  We looked at the cover of the book and brainstormed who we thought the troublemaker was going to be.  

Step 5:  We read the book The Troublemaker by Lauren Castillo.  

 Step 6:  We collaborated with Wilson Elementary, another school in our district, by playing a Kahoot.  It took me and the other Media Specialist, Mrs. Garber, some time to get the kinks worked out but we hung in there and figured it out.  We realized that only one of us could start the Kahoot game.  We used Google Hangouts for our students to view each other and then Mrs. Garber shared her screen with us so we could all see the same questions.  The students loved this!!!

The next book was The Reader.  Students were read this book aloud then they shared their thoughts on a Padlet about their favorite reading spot and favorite book.  
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Be sure to pause when reading the book on the suitcase page and have kids brainstorm items that might be in the suitcase.

Our Padlet

Made with Padlet
Made with Padlet

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