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Friday, March 4, 2016

Maker week in the Media Center

I am introducing Makerspaces into our Media Center/Library this week.  My kindergarteners eased into making by simply making a stone and a stick out of paper to use during our storytime of the book Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry.  If you haven't read the book you need to know that the two main characters are a stick and a stone.  The two of them build a friendship by helping each other out through tough situations.  Here is a picture of by friends with creations.

My first graders read Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett.  This is a beautiful book about how a young girl, Annabelle, connects a small town with a magical box of yarn.  

After we read the book we became MAKERS and created our own magical sticks by using sticks and yarn.  The students had so much fun walking around and casting spells on each other.  This was a simply activity but they loved it.  

My third graders were introduced to our new Makerspaces today.  To say they were excited was an understatement.  I spent the entire class going over expectations and setting them up on Google Slideshow so they have a format to blog about their learning process once they start with their Makerspaces.  One of my fellow maker colleagues created this Innovative Menu, which is what I will allow students to pick their Maker projects from.  It was fun for me to see all of my students excited about these new spaces and they were disappointed they didn't get to start making today.  Even my less enthusiastic students were asking "can we get started."  I can't wait to see what they create.  

A few MakerSpace projects created by 3rd graders
Kuren -necklace, Sophia stuffed pig, Molly-guitar

Fourth graders are in the process of filming their NUTRITION videos.  They are using Green Screen, iPads, or flip camera formats.  Stay tuned for their creations.

Fifth graders are creating IMAGE AUTOBIOGRAPHIES COLLAGES.  We have learned about citing sources, gathering good images, finding free images, and design techniques.  Stay tuned for our amazing creations.  This is an example of what they are creating.

Sixth graders are deep into creating their PITCHES to their in-house classmates and posting their PITCH videos on their blogs for their out-of-house partners to provide feedback on.  As soon as they receive two green lights from their pitches they will start making their GENIUS HOUR projects.  Stay tuned for their GENIUS HOUR creations.  

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