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Friday, March 18, 2016

Genius Hour in Action

So our Genius Hour projects are now underway.  I am still struggling with pushing kids to some higher thinking projects but overall I feel that this year has been more productive than years past.  Students were given more time to choose their passion, which I feel in turn is producing higher level projects.   
Here are a few pics from our Genius Hour projects in the making.

Josie is making Easter eggs out of yarn, food coloring, and balloons.  Can't wait to see how they turn out.

I have lots of 6th graders who want to use the 3D pen for their Genius Hour projects BUT I am not an expert in this area yet.  I tapped my new friend, Mrs. Chumbley, the Anderson Teen Public Librarian, to come in and help us troubleshoot.  The great thing is she also brought another 3D Doodler so my students could get more accomplished.  In this video she is promoting her MakerFair coming up in June.

You can see the pink "K" that one of the Genius 6th graders created.

Brayden builds a crane...still problem shutting some things.

Mercedes created 3D glasses with the 3D Doodler pen.

Liz is making her characters out of pipe cleaners for her stop motion movie.

Kayla building her characters.

Play Brennen's Game (he is still working out some problems)

Keenan showing us the 3D Motor Model he is building.


Zachary shares his Incredibox music.  Click here to listen.

3D Doodler Pen Creations

Brayden builds a CRANE!

Sophia makes a FLIP BOOK!

Emily makes a DUCT TAPE pencil holder.  It was a huge success and I think she may be taking orders.

Haley is working on her hair bows.

Mallory is working on a 3D volleyball.

Katie shares how she made her tissue paper pom-pom balls.

Brennen makes another video game.  Are you up for the challenge?

Andrew creates a STOP MOTION Star Wars video.  What better way to celebrate "May the 4th Be With You Day."

Stop Motion Fun by Lily C. and Hannah
(pretty good for their first time)

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