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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Wondering, wondering, wondering...my first graders are wondering about many things.

My first graders are learning about differences between nonfiction and fiction through their wondering questions.  They are listening to me read the 2016 Caldecott winner Finding Winnie:  The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear by Lindsay Mattick.  We then talk about things we are curious about from the book.


Students then discuss the main differences between FICTION and NONFICTION and we talk about
how if we wanted to find out how to do something, make something, learn something we would want a true book...not a made-up one.  

 We then share things that students wonder about.  Here are some of the wondering questions.

-How to do an ariel

-How to do a cartwheel

-How to learn things about the universe

-How to fly a rocket

-How to dive from a diving board

-How to swim faster

Week 2 of WONDERING through our NONFICTION

now that my 1st gr. friends have their wondering drawings completed they are ready to explore the nonfiction section and find TRUE books that will answer their wondering questions.  This was a bit crazy on my part trying to pair each kid up with a book but I think I manged to do accomplish it.  Some books had to be placed on hold from other schools.  I encouraged kids to come back next week with a fact they learned from their NONFICTION book on their wondering topic.

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