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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fabulous Fifth Graders are studying Visual Literacy through the Civil Rights Movement

My 5th graders experienced SEGREGATION just a bit this week in the Media Center.  Upon entering the Media Center they were asked to pick up a strip of yellow or green paper.  Depending on the strip that they picked up that determined which group of people they were allowed to interact with that day.  Yellows could only sit, talk, and work with yellows.  Green could do the same.  These were the steps they had to follow:

1.)  Partner up with someone with the same color strip as you.

2.)  Get your assigned image (take a look here for all the images).

3.)  Use your prior knowledge and conduct quick research on the Civil Rights Movement to gather information on your image.

4.)  Take notes on a colloborative Google Doc on your image.

5.)  Practice your presentation.

6.)  Share your presentation to the class.  Not using notes, just talking to the audience with your image projected.  

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