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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First and Second Graders Feeling Overwhelmed!

We started the class by watching the book trailer from Little Elliot and the Big City by Mike Curato.  

I then had students imagine an elephant.  It could be one they had seen on a movie, in a book, or real life.  They had to share their ideas with a partner.  We then compared how all of our elephants were different to how we are all different readers.  Some of us like to read, some don't, some can read for long periods of time, some can't.  

We then read the book:

     We made these connections:
          Sometimes when our first and second graders start checking out books at the beginning of the year they can feel overwhelmed.  So MANY choices, so MANY great books, so MANY decisions.  Because of this I decided to read Little Elliot and the Big City.  After reading we discussed how just like Elliot felt overwhelmed in the city they may also feel overwhelmed in the Media Center when looking for books.  

    We also discussed how they must be problem-solvers like Elliot was in the book.  They must be brave to ask for help from others and try to solve problems on their own.  I was honest with them and explained how there is only one of me and many of them.  This means that sometimes they will need help but I may not be available.   After reading this we sang the shelf-marker song, reviewed our Media Center Expectations, and entered the world of READING for this year by checking out books.

This lesson was adapted from another Media Specialist that I follow, David C. Barrow... if you don't follow his blog you should he is doing great work.  Here is his link http://expectmiraculous.com/2015/08/24/library-orientation-for-kindergarten-through-second-grade/ 

Here are a few pics of our third graders the first few weeks of school practice Checking-Out Procedures.  This is the first year that they do Self-Checkout.  They are so excited about their books that they are enjoying and sharing them while waiting in line.  I love seeing this!

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