"A Swisstastic Journey of Me and My Students"

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kicking the 2015 Year off RIGHT in the Media Center

The Summit Media Center is booming with excited readers.  Readers can't wait to get their hands on these new titles.  They were placing holds all over the place!

Using The Adventures of Beekle to get to know my 5th graders more.


My 6th graders created a Library Expectation video to show my primary students.  This saved me from having to repeat myself all week and it was a great opportunity for my former 5th graders (now 6th graders) to review some of their video making skills.  Here was their final product.

My beautiful daughters helped me create a Book Care video to show my students.  I have found that all of my students, even my intermediate grades, need refreshers in this.  This is the video that I used to reinforce these skills the first full week of school.  Thanks to Anna and Bella Dawn for helping their "dear ole" Mom out!

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