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Friday, March 27, 2015

Biographies with first graders

I LOVE teaching 1st graders because they are so excited to learn new things.  I introduced them to BIOGRAPHIES recently.  We started our unit by reading On A Beam of Light:  A Story of Albert Einstein and talked about what difference he made in our world.  Over the past two weeks we have begun each class with a read aloud and then we break out into our partner groups and get to work on PebbleGo.

More books we read outloud:


The process:

Examples of their research:


Students created drawings of their person on ArtPad.com and we printed these.  They also shared them with me electronically.

Mrs. Werking's Class Shares their Biographies

Mrs. Beiting's Class Shares their Biographies

Miss. Huntington's Class Shares their Biographies

Miss. Brown's Class Shares their Biographies

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