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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

SOLE: 6th graders research "What do we need to know about Ebola"

We began our 6th grade SOLE projects the last part of November. For those of you who aren't familiar with SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environment) it is a high inquiry research question that goes beyond being "Googleable" and requires students to create quick presentations (in whichever format they choose) answering the question. Here is a toolkit for those of you who are interested in learning more about SOLE. These projects are leading up to our Genius Hour projects, which we will begin in January. Here are the steps we followed: I covered the expectations of the SOLE: 1.) I am not a teacher I am a facilitator (I will not answer questions but when our SOLE Sheriff comes around midway through the research phrase you can submit questions to him/her and they can ask me the question) 2.) No more than 4 in a group and no less than 2 3.) If your group doesn't have 4 in it and someone asks to join then you have to let them join 4.) Listen to each other 5.) WORK HARD There is alot of freedom in the way the students can present their findings. No instructions are given. Most groups tend to use Google Drive to create a Google Presentations. Here are some of the projects. *I did not focus alot on the kids citing their sources here b/c I didn't want them to feel pushed to do one type of format for their presentation but in the future I will let them know if they choose to use Google Presentation they will need a Citation slide.

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