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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 6 in the Media Center with FIRST and SECOND graders

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Global Read Aloud

Today we completed week 4 of our Global Read Aloud.  We have loved studying Lauren Castillo's books.  We have completed lots of projects and have collaborated with many people.  Look at this snapshot of our GRA experiences.

Image result for nana in the city Nana in the City by Lauren Castillo
After reading this book we added our thoughts to a Padlet in response to the question "If I had a red cape to make me brave I could face....." We collaborated with a school in Massachusetts on this.  Here is a look at our responses:

One of my classes used the Green Screen to record what they could face if they had a brave cape.  Here is our final video.

Mrs. Dunning's class collaborated with a school in Elgrin, Illinois.  We made postcards of landmarks and items that represent Cincinnati.  Students were matched up with kids at our partnering school and we drew pictures of these items and then wrote a quick message or question to our partner.  Students were so excited to read their partner's cards.  We will continue to collaborate with them this year. 
 Here were our post cards waiting to be mailed out.
This is where they were going...

We also made collaborative cities, which are displayed in the hall.  My 1st and 2nd graders added to the cities all week long.

The next book we read was 

 The Troublemaker by Lauren Castillo.  

 We collaborated with Wilson Elementary, another school in our district, by playing a Kahoot.  It took me and the other Media Specialist, Mrs. Garber, some time to get the kinks worked out but we hung in there and figured it out.  We realized that only one of us could start the Kahoot game.  We used Google Hangouts for our students to view each other and then Mrs. Garber shared her screen with us so we could all see the same questions.  The students loved this!!!

We worked with other schools to share our favorite place to read and what book is our favorite.  We used Padlet to share these thoughts.  My second grade students learned how to save a picture from Google Images and upload it to Padlet.  This was a huge task for them but we loved the way it looked.  

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