"A Swisstastic Journey of Me and My Students"

Thursday, November 10, 2016


So this year our school is holding weekly PLC (Personal Learning Committee)meetings in which various grade levels meet to plan intervention and enrichment activities.  For me this means that I see an extra class or two each week.  The art teacher and myself have decided to partner up in lessons on these days.  I typically read a book to the students, integrate some technology piece if applicable, and then they rotate to art to create a visual piece that reflects some topic from the book.  

Here was the month of October's lesson.
FIRST and SECOND grade students listened to the fun, fun, and more fun book There was an Old Lady Who was Not Afraid of Anything.  

Image result for there was an old lady who was not afraid of anything book

I started this lesson by showing this video from YouTube that reads/sings the book.  I stopped it before it told the ending and then I physcially read the book to the students.  We then watch the rest of the video.  Student loved learning about on·o·mat·o·poe·ias and acting them out as we read this book.

Students then rotated to art and made these amazing pumpkins.  

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