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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Fifth grade Geniuses

So my 5th graders have been exploring their passions in Genius Hour time during their last few weeks in the Media Center.  I am going to post some of their projects for you to enjoy.

Danny (a reluctant student not easy to motivate) yet was the first to share his project for Genius Hour.  He had his dad film him playing Minecraft with a friend, whom he has never met, through the game.  He brought in his flashdrive with his videos on it.  He shared that he chose this project because he loves Minecraft and he learned how to make three new items for his character to carry.

Seth shares how to makes peanut butter cookies.  He even got special permission from Mrs. Sulfsted, our principal, to bring in cookies to share with his class.  She approved and they were very yummy!

Cassidy wrote a story.  She has four chapters completed and shared the first chapter with us.  What an amazing writer.  
Click here to listen to her read the first chapter.

So a few 5th graders, whom have already presented their Genius Hour projects, are experimenting with Makerspace items.  Here was a creation from this week.  A cardboard cat with a feathered hat.  

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