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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kindergarten Orientation

So many years ago I created a NO NO NEVER NEVER box, which contains many items that help my kindergarteners learn how to take care of their library books.  Even in today's world where there are so many concepts to cover in school book care remains on my important list.  Students of all kinds still need reinforcement in this area.  Here is a picture of my NO NO NEVER NEVER box and all the items that are inside it.

             This is what I show them to tell them why we must take care of the spine of our books.  
                                                    This is my No No Never Never box.

These are the items in my No No Never Never box.  The items include:

- a pop can (no drinking around your books)

-hole puncher (no punching holes in your books)

-honey (don't look at your book with sticky dirty hands

-scissors (don't cut your book)

-glue (don't glue your book)

-doughnut (don't eat around your book)

-tape (don't tape your book...save that for my magical tape)

-markers/crayons/pencils (don't write in your book)

-cat (don't let pets get your books)

-doll (don't let little siblings get your book)

-bottle of water (don't let your book get wet)

-kleenex (don't sneeze in your book)

-bookmark (don't dog ear your book)

You can also take a look at YouTube and find lots of fun videos that will help teach book care.  

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