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Monday, November 23, 2015

Art of Presentation with 6th Graders

     So we have been through one round of S.O.L.E. with my 6th graders and have discussed the need for research to support opinions and the art of presentation.  After my students all shared their first S.O.L.E. the students took time to reflect on what makes a great presentation.  In the beginning students want to stand up and read slides to us.  They want to use font colors that are hard to read on distracting backgrounds.  We take time to talk about why these decisions do NOT work.  Things will get better with the second S.O.L.E., not perfect, but better.

Tips students mentioned that make a better presentation:

1.)  Talk to us don't read slides

2.)  Eye contact

3.)  Voice tone

4.)  Enthusiasm in your voice

5.)  Use images and animations with caution...don't want them to be distracting

6.)  Choose backgrounds that don't overtake the words

7.)  Be sure to include a Citation page

8.)  Support your opinions with RESEARCH

Examples of our 2nd S.O.L.E. 
   Questions:  Should America help other countries?

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