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Monday, September 28, 2015

Circus Mirandus....What would your TICKET be?

5th and 6th graders listened to a reading from the new novel Circus Mirandus.  They then discuss how there were only two ways for Ephrium to get into the circus.  They were:

1.)  To offer something up that had a great connection with him.  The deeper the CONNECTION the longer your ticket was good for.  

2.)  You could offer a skill that would help the circus.  

Students were then asked what their item would be.  They had to fill out a ticket and then snap a picture of him or herself and send it to me in an email.  These were some of our pictures.  They were asked to reflect on how deep the connection was and come up with an expiration date for their ticket.

Jonah offers his TAG FOOTBALL skills

Reid offers his SHOE

Anna would offer her Triathlon medal

Caden would offer his stuffed WOLF.

Emma would offer her dancing ability.

Abbie offers her GYMNASTIC skills.

Ellie offers her SOCCER skills.

Emma would offer her CELL PHONE.

Callie offers her SOCCER skills.

Caleb would offer his FISHING skills

Rachel would offer her ART skills

This is the display of "tickets" in the hallway.

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