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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Oh' The Places You'll Go- Right to Read Week 2015

We celebrated Right to Read Week the week of May 18-22.  I partnered with our school counselor to create a week of career related activities that were tied to reading.  We began each day with trivia questions that centered around professional careers.  There was one winner from grades K-3 and one from 4-6.  An example of the questions that we asked was "What do you call someone who checks you out at a grocery store?" we also had a Stop, Drop, and Read Day.        

We had a display of staff pictures and some of their favorite books to welcome students as they came in the front door.  These are always fun for the kids to see.



One of my favorite days was Wednesday when we encouraged grades PK-3 to dress like their favorite book character and grades 4-6 were asked to wear their favorite college attire.

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On Thursday we had the author, Diana Perry, come in and speak to the kids about weather and writing a book. She has written and published the book The Weather by Heather. The kids were very engaged with her presentation.

To kick-off the week and complete the week we had guest speakers come in and discuss their careers with various grade levels and read a book to the students.  It was very interesting for the kids to hear how different professions work and how reading is VITAL to success in the professional world.  Here are pics from the speakers who volunteered their time.  Thanks to all of them for volunteering their time.  We loved it.  
Mrs. Buelsing discusses Occupational Therapy with 1st and 3rd graders.

Mrs. Zucker discusses being a  Marketing Director with 6th graders.

Mrs. Thomas discusses being a Developmental Editor with 2nd graders.

Ms. Gardner discusses being a Child Psychologist with 5th graders.

Mrs. Hooper discusses being a Mom and a Homemaker with 4th graders.

Mrs. Wiesman discusses being a Event Planner at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Mrs. Miller discusses being a Communications and Administrative Consultant with 4th graders.  

Mr. Zugelter discusses being a Video Producer/Director with 5th graders and enjoys reading to them with his 2nd grade daughter on his knee.

Doctor Hooper discusses being a Pediatric Nephrologist with 6th graders.

Mr. Conley discusses being a Firefighter with 2nd graders.

Officer Goettke discusses being a Police Officer with 3rd graders.  

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