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Monday, December 8, 2014

Kindergarten learn about hibernation through stories

The month of December is cut short due to Christmas Break.  We will learn about hibernation through different stories.

We read Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming.

We read Hibernation Station by Michelle Meadows.

We made a list of Wondering Questions that came up from these two books.  The questions included:

-Why do woodchuck's skin get tight before winter?

-Why do animals hibernate?

-Why do birds fly away during winter?

-How do animals eat during the hibernation?

We also learned a song about hibernating:  You can find the song here http://www.preschooleducation.com/swinteranimal.shtml

We took a break from hibernating animals to read The Gingerbread Man retold by Eric A. Kimmel because in the two weeks leading up to Christmas break I have a "Gingerbread Man on the Shelf" in the library, in which is hidden each week in a new spot and kids have to search for him.  They aren't allowed to touch him or he will loose his magic.  Students love looking for him each week.
Next week we will go back to hibernating animals and have the Kindergarteners listen to The Mitten read from YouTube.  I will have kids engage in the story by passing out animals and have them place them in the mitten while telling the story.   Students will take home their mitten and animals to create their on visual to tell the story.

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